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A Message From The Commissioners:

There was a time when emphasis was on making waste-water "go away"with very little concern for what happens when the water-and the pollutants it contains-gets to wherever " away" is.
We wonder why anyone would have thought of this resource as "waste" water - piped away-wasted, at considerable cost. This begs the question: Is "waste" water reclamation and reuse in your future?

A multimillion dollar construction project that took four years to complete has given this community one of the most modern treatment plants available. The Greater Atlantic Beach Water Reclamation District provides a system of total redundancy that improves and backs up the plants ability to handle unscheduled equipment or system outages. This lends new flexibility to its processing methods. Built-in redundancies prevent shutdowns and the possibility of ever discharging untreated wastewater into the environment and having the makings of one of the most environmentally efficient and compliant wastewater treatment plants in New York State that regularly achieves clean water efficiency superior than required by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation treatment minimums.
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Plus, the District has also completed the NYS DEC mandated upgrades and is online operationally with stringent nitrogen and ammonia reductions discharged into Reynolds Channel. These standards set the bar for protecting water quality:

A Water Reclamation Plant in which cleansed waste-water is released to Reynolds Channel where it flows toward the ocean to evaporate into the atmosphere, changes water molecules from vapor to liquid in a storm cloud, and returns again as rain - here or in some other part of the world. A system in which the final product is brought to a higher state of purification before expulsion benefits our local receiving waters and associated activities of swimming, boating, recreational and commercial fishing.

Water is a finite resource; we have all that we will ever get. It is used over and over again, and its cleanliness must be protected. Your public wastewater treatment plant, the Greater Atlantic Beach Water Reclamation District, stands at a critical point in this water cycle. It helps nature's way of cleansing water and is a last defense against the polluting of our supplies.