About The Greater Atlantic Beach Water Reclamation District

A MANAGEMENT TEAM involved in the daily operation of the plant requires some highly skilled people.


Chairman: Scott B. Mason

Vice Chairman: Arnold M. Geller

Secretary: Anthony J. Licatesi

Attorney: Nicholas DeSibio

Office Administrator: Elen Levitt

Trained and experienced in planning, accounting, budgeting, fiscal and legal management, preventive maintenance procedures, operations, personnel, communications, and governmental health and safety regulations.


Alexander M. Michaelis, with 33 years of experience, ensures that the plant has enough money, trained personnel, and equipment to carry out its job. N.Y.S.D.E.C. certified and trained in mechanics, chemistry, hydraulics, biology, budgeting, and operational procedures for all systems at this facility, including laboratory testing.


Who know how to treat waste-water properly before discharging it into the environment and prevent mechanical failures and solve problems with equipment.

N.Y.S.D.E.C. and Health Department licensed and certified to monitor the contents of waste-water and make sure that treatment methods are working correctly, achieving outstanding efficiency typically not reached in other plants.